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LJS Graphics is a leading manufacturer of high quality barcode artwork and electronic barcode files. We have extensive experience working with the book industry and packaging enables us to provide simple answers to technical questions.

We have been assisting publishers, printers and box manufacturers throughout the country for 25+ years. Pre-printed ISBN labels are also available.

Electronic barcodes are emailed within one business day or sooner if necessary. With our Quick Check 890 Verifier, we can ensure our clients that their barcodes are legible to any reader.

Common Barcodes

The ISBN (International Standard Book Numbering) is a unique 13-digit number that identifies one edition of a title from one specific publisher and is unique to that edition.

UPC (Universal Product Code)  originally created by the Uniform Code Council (UCC). A manufacturer applies to the UCC for permission to enter the UPC system. The manufacturer pays an annual fee for the privilege. In return, the UCC issues the manufacturer a six-digit manufacturer identification number and provides guidelines on how to use it.

ITF (Interleaved 2 of 5) is a numeric only barcode used to encode pairs of numbers into a self-checking, high-density barcode format. In this symbology, every two digits are interleaved with each other to create a single symbol.

QR Codes
LJS can create customized QR codes with business card information that makes people know you’re ahead of the game. Web link, phone number, SMS, geographic location, contact and plain text is all ready to be input to your code. Our design team can customize the roundness, color style, shadow of your code, and even add a logo.
We live in a colorful world so our QR codes can be customized with foreground and background colors. Or even go further with QR codes with linear or radial gradients.

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QR codes are an excellent marketing tool.
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